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embedded engineering

Industry diversity at tecmata

Industrial projects in development and testing

  • Acceleration and encoder sensor technology - Wind Turbines
  • HiL-Tests  in the area of - System-Control
  • Safety-Option of a motion control system - Automation Industry
  • Firmware for a vibration dosimeter - Heavy Commercial Machinery
  • Blood glucose meters/Insulin-Pumps - Medical Technology
  • Development of variant management tool - Energy Supply
  • Integration Testing of new platforms – Telecommunications
  • System test water filter system– Consumer-goods/Household

Insight References Automotive

Chassis & Safety & Sensorik & Instrumentation & Powertrain

  • Requirementsengineering EPB, HBS, IPB, EBS, Inertial Sensor Technology
  • Implementation of A-SIL relevant Software requirements
  • Derivation of Software safety architecture in the area of Fuel Supply
  • Unit – Modul – Integrationtest – HIL Tests various Tier 1 + OEMs
  • EPS Integrationtests and Testautomation
  • Yawrate, Fuel Supply, Camera Systems, Pedestrian Protection, Inertial Sensors, Firmware – participation control unit development and testing
  • Field test and test setup camera systems - surround view/rear view
  • Development of a configuration tool for display instruments

Experience in communication protocols

Fieldbus communication/Ethernet-based communication and radio-based sensor networks

  • Ethernet
  • Profibus/Profisafe
  • Profinet
  • CAN
  • Flexray Bluetooth, Bluetooth-Low Energy, WiFi, RFID



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