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tecmata Table Handler
Free LabVIEW Software components

LabVIEW Table Handler

LabVIEW Table Handler

The tecmata Table Handler is a LabVIEW Software Component designed to provide basic control of Table which is being used to log information.


  • Initialization of the table (clearing, scrolling to top, etc.)
  • Writing a 1D string array to the next row
  • Alternating between two background row colors
  • Definable default text color with the ability to override the color based on specific input text
  • Auto scrolling to the bottom of the table leaving the next (empty) row visible
  • Disables/enables auto scrolling when the user manually scrolls away from/to the bottom of the table


This functionality is provided via a simple, easy to use API interface.

The Table Handler requires JKI Package Manager and LabVIEW 2017 or newer.



This Data Loader needs JKI Package Manager and LabVIEW 2017 or newer.


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