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tecmata Data Loader
A Free LabVIEW software component

LabVIEW Data Loader

LabVIEW Data Loader

The LabVIEW Data Loader is a LabVIEW Software Component designed to provide a generic means of loading data from a text file into a LabVIEW Cluster (the top level datacontainer must be a cluster). It supports common test parameter data types (Booleans,Enumerations, Floating Point Numbers, Integers, Paths and Strings) and shapes(Scalars, 1D and 2D Arrays). It is designed such that an application may have multipleinput files (for example a separate configuration file for each test case) or input filescontaining data targeted for multiple clusters (to allow loading data for multiplecomponents in a common system initialization vi).

To maximize flexibility, the DLOAD component is split into two main VIs as.

A detailed explanation of functions and installation can be found in the user guide which is included with the download.



This Data Loader needs JKI Package Manager and LabVIEW 2017 or newer.


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